Bob Hartwig, President


Over the last 13 years, Bob has built a strong reputation for growing complex software systems of exceptional quality, flexibility, and maintainability. For the last 10 of those years, he has used object-oriented techniques and technologies, which have allowed him to manage the extreme complexities of his clients' systems. For the last 8 of those years, he has used the Smalltalk language for most of his work, which has allowed him to successfully meet the demanding time-to-market and flexibility/changeability requirements of his employers and clients.

As detailed on the Projects page, Bob has experience in all phases of software project development, from architectural design and modeling, through detailed design and implementation, to test suite development. Bob has worked with several dialects of Smalltalk, including VisualAge, Visual Smalltalk, Smalltalk/V, VisualWorks, and Squeak.

In addition to Smalltalk, Bob has also delivered systems written in C, C++, and Java. He also has several years of experience delivering embedded systems, developed in Assembly, PL/M, and C.

Bob graduated with honors with a Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from ITT Technical Institute in Indianapolis Indiana.

Specific areas of expertise

In addition to his knowledge of general-purpose object-oriented design and implementation techniques, Bob has accumulated extensive experience in specific difficult areas of object-oriented software development. Some of these areas include:


To see a detailed list of the products that Bob has delivered, and projects that he has worked on, click here.